One chicken in a large greenhouse???


7 Years
Oct 9, 2012
I have a large greenhouse and live in the Pacific Northwest, where we don't get much sun as you all know. Have had an amazing summer, but it has ended.
Question is: I only want one chicken as it's just my hubby and me who would like fresh eggs. In my 'other' life, I had about 50 chickens/rabbits/horses/pigs...etc; so not unfamiliar to chickens and farming.
My problem is this will be a backyard hen, and wonder how long she could stay in the greenhouse and be healthy without having her in the yard? Plan on lots of bedding at one end and a perch of course...warmth from the lamps and her warmth and poo for my flowers and veggies. (I know I would need more chickens for real warmth for the greenhouse, but don't need more).
The end of the greenhouse has a round vent .. big enough for a chicken to go through...and could turn it into an entrance.
Do any of you think this will work? Don't want to have to build a chicken house when the hen could stay in the greenhouse. Am I nuts in thinking this way?
Ideas appreciated, or anyone else that has done this?

PS Just realized I wrote back a few years ago...but we tore the old greenhouse down. This is a new one. Opening of vent is on the house side.
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Sounds like it will work as a coop - as long as it keeps dry and draft-free inside, it should work. BUT you don't want it getting too hot in there during the summer, which would be my biggest concern. She would be happiest being able to get out of the greenhouse each day, even if you just built her a small run connected to the side with the entrance. Just as you wouldn't want to be locked in your room all day, she won't want to be locked in the coop all day.

Also, you're gonna want two chickens at the least. Chickens are flock animals, which I'm sure you know since you've had them before, lol, and one hen on its own is going to be miserable and lonely, no matter how nice her living conditions are. It might even effect her laying, meaning you don't get as many eggs. Worst case scenario with two is that you sell the extra eggs you and your husband don't need, or just feed them to the birds.

Oh, and also be aware she'll probably sample your plants. So you won't be able to grow anything in there that's toxic to chickens, or she might eat it and die.
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Thanks for responding. We are going to move the greenhouse to the upper part of the yard. You are so very right about more than one to keep each other company...point now remembered LOL.
We have flying predators so an attached run for them will be carefully made.
All my veggies are out of the green house now, but have some things high on the ledges. With their feathers clipped, do you think they could jump for fly up to a waist high shelf?
Like I said about my past life, I never worried about need some direction here. Maybe the greenhouse won't be a good choice after all.
Did find an outlet that wants to get rid of yearling's that have started to lay, so part one of the problem is done.
Thanks again, and anyone thinks this isn't a good idea (the greenhouse and plants) please let me know.
Getting ready to bring in some full grown chickens (friend will sell for $20 a piece...sounds high to me).
What kind of bedding on the concrete floor would you all suggest?

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