One Coop-Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Chicks/Young Pullets-One Feed??

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    Hello Chicken Lovers!
    I have searched for many straight forward answers and Backyard Chickens has always gave me the best answers.. However i'm coming up short on this current question.

    I have 12 chicks that are about 5ish weeks old...May 15th they came as day old chicks from McMurry Hatchery and had all the vaccinations I could give them.. Mareks, cocci, yatta-yatta.. They are doing awesome and so healthy. I have the on unmedicated chick well as my 4 American Buff Geese.
    HERE'S THE KICKER.. My greedy wants got ahead of my logic and I also bought some Heritage Barred Rocks, Sebrights, and one little silver laced about 2.5 weeks ago all were 3 days to 1 week of age.. They came from a local farm and have been fed Medicated feed.
    Now that it is close to time for the little ones to mingle with my big ones, I need to know 
    - Will the medicated feed void the vaccination permanently? or will the medicated feed void the vaccine and then start back protecting the chickens?
    -Is it necessary to separate as in detrimental? as I only have one coop and red heelers outside so free-range is out of the question..
    -If i change my medicated to unmedicated feed.. Will they more than likely fall ill.. AND infect my vaccinated chicks and geese? 
    -OR if i change my vaccinated chickens to medicated(Geese as well).. Will that put them at an even greater risk?
    I have one coop fit for chickens and geese.. So the extra room for just vaccinated is not there... 
    Should i sell the unvaccinated or is there something I can do and then cure them later if either/or becomes ill??

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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    I've wondered how that would work. I can't wait to see what we learn.
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    Call MMcM and ask about the coccidia vaccination issues. I don't think goslings should get amprolium in their feed, so better check that too. The chicks on medicated feed need to be introduced gradually to your environment (dirt!) so they are exposed gradually to your coccidia and work out their immunity. Mary

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