one day old chicks


6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
we bought five chicks yesterday. The are inside, under a lamp with food and water. We've raised chicks before and all turned out healthy. One of them today can no longer stand up, wont eat and looks nearly dead. We mashed up started chick good with water and sugar and are feeding her off a spoon. She takes it then lies back down with her feet behind her. Looking online, maybe she didn't learn to feed. We'll keep going with force feeding, but how often should we do that? hourly? Any other advice? My daughter is crying her eyes out for Bella.
Are they chicken chicks? I have never had a problem with a chicken not knowing how to eat. Also chicks can go 2-3 days after hatching on the yolk sak alone without needing food or water.

Look at this link to see if maybe its mushy chick.

Sometimes chicks fail to thrive. I am very sorry about little Bella.
Yes chicken chicks. We haven't had a problem before either, but now have two that won't eat. Could be mushy chick disease, haven't seen the hatchery, cant see any open wound though. I'll keep spooning water every 1/2 hour or so and see what happens. Don't want to over water them
I think you could be right, the two healthy chicks have practically no mark around the abdomen while the two larthargic ones have a scab there.

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