One day, One night, One nightmare-a Role Play.

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    C) I promise that there will be no swearing, cursing (including censoring by using symbols) or inappropriate adult sexual activity or innuendo. This extends to mating, breeding or innuendo in non-human characters as well.
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    the wind didnt howl.the trees didnt sway.the leaves and bushes didnt rusle.the owl didnt even hoot.all was silent untill....and loud screamed came from the window nearby.a light flashed brightly that reveled a young girl on her bed screamed and crying.she had a black cat next to her,""the girl panted.

    The light flashed again and rain started to pour the girl screamed once more.more screams filled the town.lights flashed on and off and rain thundered onto the cobble stone road.the girl jerked awake panting and sweating.the cat meowed quietly confused."what the-?"her voice was cut of my a crack of thunder louder then any thunder ever heard.the earth almost shook.

    The girl fell back asleep and the next morning her mother pushed her awake.the girl jumped up and looked around wildly,"what?ih?!"she screamed."it's ok, it's ok, dear"her mother soothed.the birds chirped and sang and dogs barked at cats.she heard spitting and hissing of Felix, her friends cat.sunlight slipped into her bedroom and revled the pink and red rug that layed on the floor.she sighed."it's not real"she whispered remembering her nightmare that night.

    The black cat curled around the girls legs and the girl ate and headed to school,"bye mom!bye dad and raven!"she called heading out the door.she passed her friends,"hey!"she called.and followed them to school,"did any of you, have any, weird, dreams?"she of them nodded,"y-yes."she shuddered,"I-I was in a train.a normal one.then screams and shouts came and came and the train filled with blood.there was no way out"she shuddered once more.

    "Rachel caleanta"the teacher called.the girl walked up to her desk and gave the teacher her report.about cats, of course."rachel, this is fantastic!"the teacher exclaimed."w-why thank you"rachel said shyly.she tried to right he rest of the report but her nightmare filled her head.....

    (summary:nightmares fill the heads of boys and girls each night.even adults.a dark force is coming to the world.can they stop it?)

    Pet name:
    Pet description:
    Pet nightmare:

    My character:
    Name:Rachel Calentena.
    Personality:smart, kind, can be shy at times.
    History:she won't tell unless she has a good friend.
    Pet:yes a black cat
    Pet name:Raven
    Pet description:pure lack with green eyes.
    Pet nightmare:she runs and runs after a huge mouse, then it turns into a huge dogs and try's to eat her.
    Nightmare:a HUGE and it's always night.she walks for miles and never finds anyone but a old, old wich who's say,"One Day, One Night, One Nightmare"
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    (sorry, will pass on this one)
  3. ( don't like it?also, are ou making a phonix RP?you said you were)
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    (I MIGHT join, but I noticed one odd detail. Your character is 19, and still in school. So...Is she just really unintelligent and got held back? LOL. No biggie, just seems weird.)

  5. (*smack* ohhhhhhh yeahhh.dont mind that.she will be 13 then.or something.LOL.)
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    (Haha, okay. [​IMG])
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    I'll join soon...

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