One dead chicken and now a sneezing one.

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    Hello, my favorite pet chicken died 2 days ago, her behavior was beeing lonely and not with part of the flock lately, no sneezing there, i though she was broody and couldnt sit on the eggs because i took them. When dead, liquid came out of her mouth. However she is not with us any more.

    But now, this morning, my hugest hen is sneezing very loud, she is on free range with the others, eating weeds and acting normal except for sneezing, the weather is very cold since yesterday and this night was the coldest so far this year. I fed them with the thin food yesterday and gave them alot to be strong for this weather change (crushed seeds like dust) She is less than a year old.

    Should i hurry to somewhere and buy medication? Could it be related to the other hens death? I am paranoid i dont want to loose my flock.

    RIP Afterpee
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    Some meds would probably be a good idea. Tylan is very good but extremely expensive. Why don't you buy some Duramayacin, which is about $5.00 for a packet. The farm store sells it. It's a powder that you put in their drinking water.

    When you say thin food, do you mean layer feed? I would recommend a good layer feed, if you're not using one already. They need to have an area to get out of the weather that is draft free, and dry, with the right amount of ventilation.

    Good luck to you!

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