One determined hen! Pics


11 Years
May 2, 2011
Yucca Valley
Couple of days a go one of my hens began to constantly be up on the front porch. This resulted in me and the big Guy running out there and shooing her off umpteen times. Today she got up in one of the chairs. I chased her off a couple of times and then picked her up and locked her in the coop for 2 hours. After I let her out she went straight back to the porch and the chair. I then booted her and piled a bunch of stuff in the chair. After coming back out to check on the situation in 5 minutes found her in the chair trying to lay down in all of the stuff. I then gave up and moved everything out of the chair for her.



And my gift! This explains the mystery egg in there the day before. LOL She used to use the nesting boxes in the coop, but apparently prefers the chair.

Saw one of the other hens checking it out yesterday, I may just move it into the coop for them. It's a really old chair anyway. Whatever my girls want they will get......well maybe not my bed!
Reminds me of a hen in my older flock. They were still living on the porch when she got ready to lay her first egg. After listening to and watching her hunt through every possible spot on the porch, I picked her fluffy butt up and plopped her down in a porch chair just like that one, only red. Once they moved to the coop took me forever to break her bad habit. She'd come to the screened door each day and screech until I let her on the porch to lay her egg.

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