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Jul 8, 2007
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My "Olive Eggers" are laying again so I'm offering my very popular olive eggs for $45 per dozen plus $10 shipping. I now have 4 generations of olive egg laying birds. Most of the birds resemble blue copper marans with muffs and feathered legs, but I occasionally hatch black ones as well. I will start a small list and can fill a couple of dozen per week. Please send me a PM if you are interested.

I also have Welsummers; English Orpingtons; French Black Copper Marans; Blue Copper Marans and Buff Polish in breeder pens at present time and can sell eggs and chicks from any of those breeds. Just send me a PM.

Edited to add: I'm getting lots of PMs about combo boxes and YES - I'm happy to do those for both eggs and chicks. You can get an assorted dozen of eggs or you can order an assortment of different breeds of chicks cause it's always laying and hatching days around here.


2/7 Edited to Add: My birds are still laying very well and my list is nearing it's end so eggs will available for shipping after Feb. 15th so I'm starting my second list. If you were wanting eggs in Feb. (or later) please let me know.


3/1 Edited to Add: I'm closing my list and this ad for now. I still have a few more orders of Olive Eggs to ship but after that I need to start incubating eggs to fill all the chick orders starting April 1st. Thank you to everyone who ordered. May you all have blessed hatches.
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Nice pretty eggs.
I purchased eggs from Monique last year and now have 2 beautiful hens that are giving me GORGEOUS green eggs!

The darker olive eggs on the bottom left are the eggs from Monique's birds.

I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Beautiful eggs and birds! Glad to see that someone asked about spring time.
We are looking to add to our flock in the spring and are hoping to create a variety of colors of eggs. I want to add to our flock a couple olive eggers, a couple welsummers and a couple french copper marans. Monique- would you consider selling a dozen hatching eggs, that would include the three breeds I mentioned? And/or do you sell olive egger chicks sometimes? I looked over your website and I became awfully excited thinking that I might be able to get all of our next birds from you
Please let me know..... Thanks!!!

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