One dozen Speckled Sussex Eggs (More if available the day of shipping)


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We have been so blessed beautiful Speckled Sussex birds that we are privileged to care for. We have a high rooster to hen ratio and are getting great reports and experiencing great hatches as well.

We have a small two person, full- time farm and feed our poultry great feed, sprouted grains and fresh treats from our chemical free garden. They also have access to grass and grounds.

Please check our feedback on the feedback for customer service, egg shipment and transaction details.

We'd be so honored to serve you. We will include additional eggs on the day of shipping if they are available. We ship only the freshest eggs, packing , handling, priority shipping and also confirmation delivery is included in that price of shipping. (Only 48 states for that price please)

We do accept paypal.

Please feel free to ask questions below.

Thanks for looking and have a blessed day.

(Edited to correct a grammatical error on line one from is to are getting great reports.)
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arherp, I got a pm asking the different breeds we have for sale and I responded with purebred - non hatcher
buff orpingtons,
Black Copper Marans
barred rocks
Speckled Sussex
Pure Mahogany RIR's
and Speckled sussex
White Leghorns (sold out for the balance of this year, if my memory of egg calendar is correct)

I believe I noted that we have guineas, turkeys, ducks and different chicken breeds but these will not be available again until 2010..

I didn't get an e mail....You can try sending straight to [email protected] if you like.

Thanks and have a blessed day.
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Bargain, are you bringing any eggs to the swap? So I know if I need to bid here or get them there
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Painted Gem Ranch, the swap is on Oct. 24....I cannot predict who will be laying when and what that far ahead. I plan on bringing eggs to the swap but husband is presently having cardiac issues - just posted in prayer section and I just cannot guarantee I'll be at the Oct 24 swap...A lot will depend on his health which prayerfully and hopefully will be improving. So feel free to bid now or buy separately as you like.

God bless you and thanks for your interest.

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