One Egg hatched **PIC** AND! chicken lays first egg! *PIC* lucky day !


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Aug 3, 2009
:)One egg .... Hatched ...Children loved he in school today !

Then got home and mum told me one of my hens from last year laid its 1st egg! look how small it is!




AND here isthe hen who laid it

(pic taken a few months ago)

1st egg hatched and have a very active chirppy black ans yellow chick ! ...will take pics later.-

2nd egg- lot's of movement but no actual zipping

3rd egg- lots of tapping

other eggs - i think they might have died or not developed fully !

b][/b]Update -- Sunday morning Ireland - 1st egg pipped and began to zip, but a little blood around the pip.

2nd egg -- pipped but no movemement or sound

3rd egg - you can hear 'tapping'

4th egg - nothing but there was movement last night when candled.

Other eggs -- nothing yet

I'll be surpeized if any off these hatch we have had such a bad snowstorm and even a death in the family that we have not being taking good care of these eggs

this is my third batch of eggs to be incubated and my 1st two batched were sucessful .
In ireland the weather has been SOOOOO bad that snow drifts and storms has stopped access to the farm were the incubator is .. so i'm worried because a few days they wer not tunred they will not hatch.

tonight/2maor morn is day 21 and there is a lot of cheeping from one egg and you can hear it pecking the egg. we do not know shoud we help it out because the shell is so strong accordin to my granny. The eggs are DARK DARK brown and when candled .. you can not see anything anyway .. so only have been able to candle the silkie eggs and one of them still has movement in it but no sound.

Should we help in anyway , granny said to tap it with the back of a spoon gently , but i'm not sure should I .. these eggs are being hatched for a school project !
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From what I know, turning is supposed to stop a few days before day 21, so that part should be good.
I'd personally wait a little bit before helping, but it depends how long from the pip to now. Some people think you should only help after 48 hours, and until then to 'sit on your hands.' I haven't had to help an egg out yet, soo... Hopefully someone with more experience will come in soon.

Hope every lil one comes out fine though~!

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If day 21 is just coming up, I would wait. If you start opening the incubator, you risk losing the rest by dropping the humidity and shrink wrapping them. You can hear peeping inside the egg before the external pip, it means they have broken into the membrane and will start pipping soon. Some just take awaile and others are quick.

The decision to help is a tough one. I have helped before and the chick made it but I only do so if I feel something is wrong (temp spikes or serious humidity issues) and only after they have pipped. The problem is, if you go in too early, they can bleed to death if the blood hasn't retracted or they haven't absorbed their yoke.

I would advise to wait a bit and keep the humidity up. Good luck!


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ok dont help it. The chick should be strong enough to pip and make its way out. if the chick can not pip or hatch then it is probably not strong enough and will eventually die if you help it hatch. i have had to help 2 chicks hatch in my expierience with incubating and it has turned out good but i have seen some signs of weakness from the chicks i have helped.
if they dont hatch by day 24 that probably means they will not hatch but since it is still not day 21 they should be fine. i dont have a lot of expierience with this really... but i hope your chicks hatch!!


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Some of mine have been cheeping for 24 hours before they pipped. If they're moving and cheeping, they're fine. It just takes time. I've only ever had to help when they were trying to zip, but couldn't because they were positioned improperly. I've never helped any pip, they seem to be able to do that by themselves. If you do feel that you need to help at some point, follow your gut feeling about it and keep an eye out for blood. Good luck!

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