One eyed rooster lady issues

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    Hi, I have a one eyed Dominique rooster that is rather young (not sure of exact age, but he hasnt started spurr growth, he still crows poorly, and he hasn't filled out yet) and he is having problems, lets say "romancing" the hens. I want to breed from him, because he is very sweet and meets the APA standards for a cockerel under a year, but I'm concerned he will never be able to romance the ladies properly due to lack of depth perception. Do you think he will grow out of it? Thank you for any answers![​IMG]
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    Jan 24, 2013
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    wait until he's older before you make any discions. after the hormones hit him and he gets more practice, he will get it. any animal with depth perception issuses learn to work around it. i would start concerring when he is about a year old and you don't get fertile eggs.

    how many hens do you have? if it is more then 8ish you can get another roo and they can share the flock.
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    I have twenty seven hens, but my one eyed guy is terrified of my other roo, even though the other roo doesn't fight, one eyed boy still hides in the woods, and I'm scared the neighbors dog will eat my baby boy[​IMG]

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