One fell off the perch last night


In the Brooder
8 Years
Jul 23, 2011
I am new to this,,,only had them 2-3 months,,,went out to give them some tomatoes and raw corn,,and I opened the coop door and one of my red sexlinks was laying on the floor of the pen,,,looks like she just fell off the perch last night. They were all out yesterday free ranging,,I didn't notice anything "off" with anyone. I found her prone, legs splayed, eyes rolled back, with labored breathing. I don't if she layer, I have 14 hens and only 2-4 eggs per day, these girls are this years birds

I realize that this hen will likely die, I am more concerned with this spreading
I got a hold of some electrolyte solution and sulfamethazine solution, mixed that with water and have been feeding her with an eyedropper,,,she perked up a bit she's still quite out of it,,,thinking it's respiratory in origin,,,notice her breathing with her back

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