One guinea, living w/chickens


Aug 26, 2019
Hi. My guinea fowl drive my husband crazy, so we've been phasing them out in favor of chickens. Our last two guinea hens lived peacefully with our seven chickens. They weren't overly friendly with each other, but just kept each kind to themselves and didn't bother each other either. Then the older guinea passed away, about a week ago.

The last remaining guinea hen is about 4 years old, and I worry about her being lonely without any of her own kind (but I don't intend to get any more). She hasn't been laying since her buddy died. The chickens don't pick on her, but she just keeps to herself at a respectful distance from the rest of the flock. Will she be okay with a little time to adjust? Do I need to try to rehome her to a place with more guineas? I don't want her to be miserable.

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