One hen has watery, infected looking eyes.


10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
Parthenon, Arkansas
Last night i went out to the coop to take care of something and i heard one of my hens scratching and noticed she was scratching her face. she was also walking along the roosting bar a little which is unusual. my intuition told me something but i didn't listen to it and was preoccupied with a task at hand.

this morning i went to check on everyone and saw one hen that was not getting around as well - her vision was off a bit and then i noticed her eyes looked bad. i have segregated her and one eye is really bad - not competely shut but almost. it is watery but does not have bubbles and a little white discharge collecting at the bottom of her lid. the other eye is watery but much more open and has some white stuff also collecting at the bottom of the lid. i put vetericyn in them both as it's all i have but i'm not sure what the problem could be. she has not wheezing and does not have any nasal discharge. she is standing up and did eat a little.

i have attached a picture of her worst eye. i aplogize as it's not the best but gives an idea. all the other chickens look bright and healthy.

any idea what this might be?


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