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    Feb 16, 2014
    So, I started our with three hens, and well, one died last summer, and one died a few weeks ago. That leaves me one buff, seemingly healthy, well fed, fat Orpington. She's lonely I think. I can't decide if I should give her away, make coq au vin (kidding) get her a chick (as she's relentlessly broody) or get her a companion, possibly an orphan rescue hen etc. She was the alpha hen for a while, pecking the feathers from her smaller, submissive Ameraucana best pal who recently died. How would she get along with a new friend? A baby? Any advice would be of great help!

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    Since she is "relentlessly broody," if she were mine, I would definitely go with either a few day old chicks, or some fertile eggs. Then let her raise them. Solves the problem of integration with an adult(s.)

    I've had good success with the method of slipping the chicks under the broody just after dark, of course removing any eggs or fake eggs. This does fail at times, though, so if you try it, be prepared to raise the little ones to adult size in a separate space before integration.

    The only time I had a broody reject chicks, she then decided to mother them when they were about 3 or 4 weeks old. They had been growing up in a separate pen next to her and in her view. She followed them around for a month, despite their lack of need of the mothering, lol. You just never know....

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