One Heritage White Holland turkey and One Heritage White Holland hen


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Apr 13, 2008
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These turkeys are only 18 months old and provided us with many eggs last year. They naturally reproduce and are quite large but gentle. I was able to just get the eggs from under the hen, even when she was broody last year. The price above is for the pair.

They came from Porters Heritage Turkeys in Summer of 2010... We are sizing down a bit on our flocks because I have serious health issues and we're trying to get all our poultry in manageable sizes for us.

For those who may not know about our farm, we are chemical free, full time homestead/farm and raise many animals, veggies, run a commercial kitchen for baked goods, honey and preserves, candy and more, we have orchards. To learn more about us, please see The Garry Farm on facebook and the Garry Farm ... Also we have a website

Pickup only for these please. Please pm me with questions as well as list here. We are not often on the computer but outside most of the day or in the commercial kitchen. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy
If you were not 8 hours away I would be all over this offer!!! They are awesome.

Thanks so much.... I really love them. I will be also open to swaps for wire, pen building materials, etc. I'm praying they will be in a breeding program somewhere.... Have a blessed day. Nancy
Come on down for the the Newnan show in 2 weeks! and enjoy our area, pick up some birds for the trip home!

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