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    Well, I need a door for the coop as they run is ready now and I need to remove the plywood screwed over the hole. I want a design that can be opened and closed without going into the run itself. Simple does not need to be the order of the day. [​IMG]

    I really want to see some designs that use pullies and ways to lock the door shut. Thanks!
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    Mar 4, 2008
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    Until yesterday, we had been using a simple pophole door constructed of plywood. We finally purchased an automatic door from Foy's and my DH installed it yesterday. It has a pulley system and you can check it out on the website, although Wells Poultry has better diagrams. Anyhow, I am so glad because the chickens get up way earlier than we do! Now, when I hear our roo crowing, I don't feel guilty for not letting them out. Plus, we are going away soon and I don't have to rely on a neighbor to open and close the coop every day. I think it is money well spent especially because we recycled just about everything else that went into the coop. Good luck!
  3. There are so many variations on pop doors and I love reading the creative ways people do this.

    We built two, one on the outside wall, hinged at the top and with a latch at the base. We can close either or both. The inside one has slide latches that can never be reached from the outside. The added benefit is baffling of air in winter. We're very satisfied though if someone gave us an automatic door we'd probably try it! Have fun with this one. Ours are in the pic on my home page, link below.


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