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    Meet Twigs


    Chris and I adopted a kitten Monday. Her name at the shelter was Honda, she was found with two brothers (and 38 other cats) in a barn in a town nearby. Thinking she was wild, she entered the 'feral cat' program, where she was spayed, vaccinated, and released, after she had had her tummy tattooed and left ear tip clipped to identify her as "already altered", should she be trapped again.

    Low and behold she was trapped again, only this time someone actually took the time to pay attention. You see, little Honda and her two brothers Harley and Hudson were not really feral, just scared to death, so they were taken to the local no-kill shelter to be adopted out.

    We found her in a Petsmart in Des Moines, where the shelter has a partnership program. They bring their animals here so hopefully more people will see them and choose to adopt. I found her Sunday, immediatley fell in love, we filled out the application, and we were approved Monday. I brought her home that night. I didn't think Honda was a very feminine name, so I decided to call her "Twigs"

    Day one in her new home was super scary! She had never been inside before, except for in a tiny kennel at the shelter, so she had no idea what the comforts of home were really about! She hid under the bed most of the day and night, but by day 2 she was ready to play! With continued "play therapy" daily, lots of treats and lots of love, she hasn't looked back since. I would say she is 80% acclimated already, even her new big brother seems to be tolerating her ok. She still gets spooked by loud noises and such, and is terrified by Diesel (her biggest big broher), but that is all to be expected. We will continue to work with her, and I am confident that with time, she will be a great addition to our little family! <3





    PS- She likes to "help" me with my homework, too. [​IMG] Silly kitten mitten...

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    Awwww. We have a couple not so Ferals here. They are now house cats.
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    [​IMG] She is such a cutie! Rescues make the best pets.
  4. Imp

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    Everyone should experience the joy that is Twigs.

    That's a wonderful rescue story.

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    Maybe it's my computer, but the photos look a little ... dare I say ... photoshopped? Hoping not ... but it's how they're coming across on this computer ...
    Oh, it's you ... you guys ... seriously...
  7. Iowa Roo Mom

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    Quote:Question 1: Why would I photoshop pictures of a cat?
    Question 2: How do they look photoshopped?
    Question 3: What the heck does "Oh it's you... you guys... seriously" mean?
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    Awwww she's so cute! Best of luck with her.[​IMG]
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    Photoshopped? What an odd thing to say.

    She is a beautiful cat! How nice that she found a home with you. [​IMG]
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    She is adorable, what a lucky second chance for her not having to live like a feral cat!! Thank you for saving a life and giving her a good home!![​IMG]

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