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  1. Anyone watches this? I haven't really been watching lately and just today I turned it on and was LOST!
    What the heck happened to Jarod? I know about the Matthew Case, so I'm guessing that he won the battle against his parents about the operation. What is "DR. LORD" up to now?
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    Mitch lawrence shot jared...I don't watch as faithful as I use to...
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    I watch it when I can. JARED IS DEAD??? Mitch is back - Good Lord,.
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    Didn't I read somewhere that OLTL got the ax? Hope they stay away from my GH!
  5. Quote:He's not dead. Just that he is in the hospital and everyone is "saying goodbye" to him.
    Who is Mitch? I haven't been watching OLTL for very long.
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    Jared is dead! natilie aka sparky is gonna get back with Mc bain. Mitch lawrence is Natilies ex husband, Jessies dad, he rapped Vicki or nicki and is Rex's dad also. Oh yeah , he saved shane with his blood that trick Stacey & rocky tried to pass off as Stacy's blood. WOW that man gets around, LOL he is EVIL! He dug up Nash, how could he! LOL

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    Things go from 0 to 60 in the Todd/Tea camp this week. Tea's with Danielle in Seattle, preparing to jet off to a new boarding school where Ross (or Todd) will never be able to find her daughter. But back in Llanview, Todd learns that Tea's in Seattle and his curiosity is piqued. Ross, desperate to find Danielle (who he believes is his child), threatens Blair into revealing where Tea is. Backed into a corner, Blair is forced to spill and Ross takes off for Seattle. Look for a knock-down, drag-out fight where Tea finally admits to Ross that Danielle's not his.

    Meanwhile, Danielle's REAL daddy, Todd, arrives in Seattle looking for Tea. Imagine his shock when he learns that Tea has a child -- whom he meets. Yes, Todd and his little girl Danielle finally come face to face.

    Mitch, ever the slimeball, taunts John, Brody, and anyone that will listen that the charges against him (including Jared's murder) may not stick. In other words, they better get used to him. You can imagine how well that news goes over. John's not one to let this happen, ... but if the system isn't on his side,
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    Oh, and Jessica gets some alone time with her father Mitch. You've got to see this confrontation -- it's a good one.

    Matthew's surgeon gives Bo and Nora the devastating news: The surgery was unsuccessful. Thankfully, Greg arrives and takes over. The prognosis is good -- Matthew has a good change of walking again. Bo and Nora are so elated, they can't help themselves and give into their feelings. But will they continue when they learn Jared's dead?

    Rex confronts Roxy about whether Mitch is really his dad, and isn't pleased when Roxy confirms.

    Ah, Roxy. She was so good about keeping Rex's father a secret. Too bad she's got such a big mouth otherwise. After Kim and Stacy overhear her blasting Schuyler for his sleepover with Gigi, the dimwitted duo realize they've got major ammunition to break up Rex and Gigi for good.

    All this, PLUS: Llanview mourns Jared; Rachel and Greg get passionate; Mitch gets a mysterious visitor; Schuyler may be onto Stacy's pregnancy ruse; and the mayor of Llanview is officially announced. Will it be Viki or Dorian?
  9. Last time I was watching on Friday (bits and pieces!)...oh god, I can't believe Im forgetting names! The McBains in Seattle are having a baby. They didn't show anything after that. Last thing I saw was Mrs. McBain (I CAN"T REMEMBER NAMES!) was in labor and she was yelling "NO! IT"S STILL TOO EARLY!" Didn't see anything today on that subject. Just focused on Jared and Matthew and the Mayor Elect.
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    Jun 23, 2009
    He's not dead. He was abducted by aliens.

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