One Little Serama- What's your opinion?


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
I bought a batch of six Serama eggs locally, and was disappointed when only one hatched. It is one unusual chick. At 18 days old, it is still tiny. The chicks in with him are only about 8-10 days older. Think it will catch up, or is this one going to be really small?
If those are standard breed large fowl chicks in with the Serama then no, they never get to large fowl. Some are bigger, some smaller and some micro - Still none of them a whole lot bigger than a coke can in body size.
I have a Serama pullet that is one third the size of another Serama pullet of the same age! Some of them are just really really small (a good thing)!
The chick may turn out to be a 'micro'.
Hard to tell from the pics where your chicks are on the size scale, whether they are A, B, or C ... A being the smallest (including micro) UGH, I wish I had saved the site where I found the weight chart for you. I know I found it using google, if that helps.
Micro's, if they meet all the standards are good for shows, but not good for breeding. I was told they had a really low fertility rate. Type A birds are a bit better, but type B is the breeding type (they throw A's too) as they are very fertile. It all depends on size.
I'll try to find that site for you... (not it, but helps)
This might help....

Serama mature at 16-18 weeks.

Incubation period for Serama eggs is 19-20 days.

The Serama carry a ‘diluted’ lethal gene (Japanese Bantam Ancestry), which means 1 to 2 percent of embryos will develop fully but fail to hatch or the chick will die within 24 hours of hatching.

Serama are not color bred, nor do they breed true to any one color. It is not uncommon to hatch as many different colored chicks as there are eggs that hatch.

Serama do not breed true to size. Out of a clutch of 10 chicks, one can expect 1 or 2 to be very small, 2 or 3 to be rather large and the remainder to be within the normal size range for serama.

........which would explain my latest bator trial...17 eggs only 5 hatched.
Make sure to take extra care of this little one....We had Tiny Tim a teeny tiny Serama.
He looked just like that.................for 6 months! His brothers and sisters grew and feathered out, but he never did...he looked just like a 1 month old. He didnt make it for some reason
.. I kept him in the brooder with all the new batches of chicks and he just never "graduated" from the brooder, they all kept leaving him behind until one day he took a loooong nap (what I told the kids).

Just make sure that little one is eating and maybe give vitamins and scrambled egg or ground cat food if you can to give it the best chance.

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