One lonely brand new peachick - what to do?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Cerise1924, Aug 24, 2016.

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    Hello, peafowl folks! This very sweet, strong and healthy peachick hatched yesterday from a shipped egg. No one hatched with it, and it's not looking good at this point for any little buddies.

    This chick peeps and fusses when it is alone in the room, just loves being held. S/he needs company! We only have three grown hens (probably not a safe choice) and a little spaniel (also dubious).

    What can I do to provide company? Is it too late in the season to buy any more peafowl eggs to hatch? I have a chance next week to get some local quail eggs. Could quail make suitable companions despite the size difference? This beautiful chick looks so little all alone in the enormous brooder. [​IMG]

    Thanks for any advice you can offer. I have to go back to school teaching soon, and want the little one to have a pal. Ideas?
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    Is there a breeder anywhere near you that might have day old chicks, or close to that age? I'm not sure, I would guess that a chick of any species would be ok as a temporary substitute, so day old anything would probably suffice imo, but of course if you could find a young peachieck that would be ideal.....but when this baby grows up it will need a peafowl companion, especially if it is a cock. Otherwise, it may fly the coop to go look for one. You can provide a mirror and a stuffed animal (like a child's stuffed animal) for temporary companionship, until you can find a live companion. We use a stuffed chicken for our orphaned chicken chicks. The chicks know something is not quite right with it but it is funny to see them still crowding under their stuffed "mama". I found a stuffed chicken at the Goodwill store for .25, and our chickes that we got from the mill loved it. [​IMG]
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  3. Cerise1924

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    Thanks, that is very helpful advice. I have had a little mirror and a soft slipper in there, but they have only helped a bit. The stuffed chicken sounds hilarious and very cute.[​IMG] We just have a stuffed tiger over here, which might not be all that reassuring to a little Indian fowl.

    Per your advice, I just checked and I found two local options: 17 day old Orpingtons and Black Copper Marans that hatched today. That might be just the right temporary solution, and I definitely will do all I can to get more peafowl. Yeah, and I'll check the Goodwill for something friendlier than a tiger.

    Thanks so much.
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    hope you find a suitable companion for her/him ?
  5. Cerise1924

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    Thank you!

    Good heavens, the chick drama...

    In a miraculous moment, I managed to get two adorable French Black Copper Maran chicks, just hatched. Little day-old Peababy stares at them, then yells "Brooder Intruder!" (kind of like "Stranger Danger!") and pecks at them. Peachick looks like an emu next to the little black and gold fluffballs, who alternate between snoozing and bumbling around like weebles.

    Oh, dear. I hope peachick decides to be nice to them.
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  7. Cerise1924

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    Thanks, Kathy.

    Because he was pestering them so much, I gave him a separate space in the brooder overnight. The BCMs got some good rest, and are stronger and more active on their second day. They are all together again, now. When peababy starts to heckle the little chicks, they give him some pushback, so I'm not so worried about bullying anymore. [​IMG]

    Sometimes, you need to let a choice settle in a day or two, to find out it was indeed a good choice.

    I am about to give up on the other four eggs. Two are stained (oozing?) but don't smell. I moved them to a spare incubator. None of the four show any movement or pips. We're on day 29, but little pea started chirping day 25, and hatched day 27 ... so I don't see why these would hatch late. Probably not going to hatch, I guess.
  8. Cerise1924

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    I think this closes the "Lonely Peachick" thread. Thank you, BYC community! [​IMG]
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    Good answer,[​IMG]. Gerald Barker
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  10. casportpony

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    Too cute!

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