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    Earlier this summer one of my hens became broody. I moved her to a safe private coop where she sat for two weeks then walked off. This time when someone went broody I watched carefully but did not move her out of the big coop. This evening when I checked (hatch date tomorrow) the egg was peeping and after a short horse ride the chick had hatched. Just one chick, she began with five eggs but being in the big coop just didn't work. I wish I had moved her and her eggs, maybe all would have made it, but these hens don't seem particularly broody and I didn't want to upset her again.

    I put hen and chick in a big cat crate and left them in the chicken coop for the night. I hope she has enough sense to settle back down on it.
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    Apr 9, 2015
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    I had a hen end up with a single chick too. I left her in the coop also and a few more girls joined her sitting on one nest. So I had about 4 girls with one chick and I hoped one of them would be a good mama. (I've had bad luck with broodys). Nope. Not one of them wanted to care for the chick. I was going to let nature take its course but after 2 days and a half dead chick, I brought the lone chick inside. It's been about 4 weeks and the chick is doing great. I finally hatched some eggs for it to have friends and it's being a very good big sibling. The light accidentally got unplugged in the brooder today and it sat right on top of the chicks and kept them warm. I sure hope that your mama does better then mine! I'm keeping my :fl for you!

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