One lonely chicken among 25


Jun 30, 2018
I’ve got 25 chicks, all 4 weeks old and seem to be doing great. They are a mix of black jersey giants, red broilers, buff orpingtons, and Delawares. All of them seem to be doing well, eat, drink, play. But one of the broilers is always by herself, she even sleeps away from the others, doesn’t join in, etc. I don’t think she’s sick. I notice many of the chicks have unique personalities and maybe she’s just a loner? It’s a curious thing so I’d thought I’d ask if anyone has seen this kind of behavior?


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Jul 23, 2018
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Actually, yes. I had a columbian Wyandotte that was always a little loner from when she was very young. About 7 weeks. She too seemed fine... in the beginning. She later developed what the vet assumes (and I agree) was cancer. This is a post to my link asking for help saving her:

Watch your loner closely. Especially if the top flock members start to attack her.

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