one month old silkie chicks


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Mar 22, 2015
West Virginia
I have 2 full blooded silkie chicks and 3 silkie mixes, all around a month old. I plan to use a 5 gal bucket with 5 water nipples on the bottom as their water feeder in the coop so I have made a small water feeder with a gravity water nipple and a Gatorade bottle. It's been in their brooder for about 2 weeks now and they STILL refuse to use it. I've been giving them water twice a day, letting them run out during the day to try to get them to figure out the bottle but nothing is workiNg. I've tried a laser pointer (they're terrified of it) and I've gotten them to use it while my finger is on it to kind of teach them to peck at it but as soon as I take my hand away they leave and search for water in their bedding. Any advice on how I can help them learn to use it? My wyandottes only took about 10 mins to learn and very much prefer their bottles. Also, these chicks seem to be much more aggressive than my wyandottes ever were, and I hatched the silkies myself! If you have any advice on taming silkies, I'd also appreciate those tips, lol


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Apr 11, 2011
Taming Silkies :gig
Some chicks are a bit more assertive than others, but they should level out.
As for the they drip? I dont use nipples, but several of my breeding pens and all of my brooders have a rabbit water bottle on them. All of my birds use them, Silkies included. When I have new hatchlings or birds, I squeeze them a bit so the water drips out slowly. Usually ones curiosity will get the better of them and they'll come over to investigate, end up pecking the ball, figure out water comes from it and show the rest. Can you give the Gatorade bottle a little squeeze to produce a drop of water?

Best of luck!

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