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    Apr 18, 2009
    My Jersey Giant rooster has finally figured out his reason for life. I took out the previous rooster about 2.5 3 weeks or so ago and put him in. He has been busy. My incubators are full so I can not test fertility right now or I would and I need to kow before I start selling the eggs. I have 10 hens and the one rooster. what is layed should be pure GJ but you know the ladies hold, "stuff" for about 3 weeks or so. The previous rooster was a red sex link so you should be able to tell pretty fast what is pure and what is not if something of him is still being used....

    If you want these eggs, just pay shipping of 12.50 and I will send you what is layed today and tomorrow prior to packing them up. The shipping is to cover, bubble wrap, peantus, Paypal fees, ect... The last time I did this, out of the 10.00 I got for shipping, I got .50 to cover everything after the shipping fees. I get anywhere between 6-10 eggs a day. I prefer to send at least 8 but I am at the will of the girls.

    I do not have pictures of them yet. Some have the yellow feet, some do not, but they were hatchery stock and not all hatchery stock have yellow feet. Just wanted to put that in their.

    O, please do not blow up my MP's. Please......If you want them, hit the BIN...Last time, my PM box was full within a few minutes.

    The GJ are Black.....
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    SOLD what's your pay-pal?

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