One of my 21/2 month old bard's is lethargic & won't eat!


9 Years
Jun 10, 2010
Napa, CA
I noticed last night that one of our bards just sit or stands in one place falling asleep and nodding off standing. The rest of the flock is acting normal. She has an empty crop but is drinking water fine. They have been in their new sheltered coop for two weeks the floor is dirt covered by filter fabric and pine shavings they have all the amenties. I feed greens from the best produce store in town twice a day and a combo of med & non medicated food, chick & large scratch.

I heard you should feed a caeyanne treat, so I gave them corn with chile powder (to burn it out) she won't eat it. But is drinking the vitamin laced water I gave them. There are so many routes to go I have seen too much so far. The farm supply where I got them suggested some sulfa drugs? I also picked her up and listened for a clicking sound in her chest but she sounds clear. Can someone give me a suggestion besides- don't stress out! We were just the right amount and I wouldn't want anyone of the others to get something. Thanks from the newbie


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9 Years
May 31, 2010
I also have the same problem....and I'm having trouble finding answers...sorry to not be any help. 1 of my hens was laying for 3 weeks, then stopped this past week. She sleeps throughout the day off/on but everything else looks healthy.

What is going on???

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