One of my almost full grow ducklings died this morning help me so it doesn't happen again!


Sep 7, 2019
So almost 2 months ago my rouen duck hatched 6 ducklings and now all 6 ducks have gotten their first set of feathers and it appears that 2 are females and 4 are males but this morning I noticed there were only 5 ducklings so I went outside to find 1 laying on its side dead! But this duck had no missing feathers or anything indicating that it had been attacked! And it was a female too so it's not like the ducks would even want to kill her. One of the legs was extended and the other tucked in and she did fall over on the side that was tucked in almost like she might have lost balance when sleeping but would that have killed her? I do have a pic of the duck if you need but idk if I should post it. Anyway if someone possibly knows please help me!
Welcome to BYC.
I'm sorry for your loss.

Do you happen to live in the United States?

If so each state has a lab that will perform a necropsy which will give you an answer.

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