one of my babies died….in a very strange manner


7 Years
Apr 24, 2012
I just had the weirdest thing happen. This is my fourth batch of baby chicks I have raised and never have I seen this…I just finished changing the water, food and paper on the bottom of their container and all ten were running and flapping around for about an hour having a grand ole time in their clean area. While I was still in my garage(where they are), I heard more flapping and running and peeping, when all of the sudden, I heard like a shrieking peep so I went over and looked and saw one of them on her back, with her wings flapping like she couldn't get up or she was stuck. So I reached in to pick her up and flip her over and she died right in my hand! I am so upset. I can't believe it. Has anyone ever had that happen before? I don't know if when they were running and playing she hit her head or broke her neck or what…I am just in shock about it right now…so strange….
That's so sad I'm sorry
it sounds like you're right with the broken neck while playing

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