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One of my baby chick is sick :(

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by anumbutt, May 15, 2016.

  1. anumbutt

    anumbutt Hatching

    May 15, 2016
    Hey .. I want to ask can i give boiled rice to my 2 weeks old chicks ? And also most importantly one of my baby chick is sick i feel. The thing is i had him hatched two weeks back and i realised he he cant see he has slight issues of eyesight ..later on he was all okay was eating properly but today hes just all quiet standing in the corner of the box not eating . Can anyone guide me with this please ?

  2. azygous

    azygous Free Ranging

    Dec 11, 2009
    Colorado Rockies
    There is a condition of some baby chicks called failure to thrive, and it means they aren't able to eat and process food such that promotes growth. They sicken and die within the first couple weeks usually.

    No, boiled rice is practically worthless as food for chicks. But tofu, if crumbled, is excellent. Also minced boiled egg is a great food and both of these will sometimes turn a sick chick around. Moist foods are going to be much easier for a blind baby chick to eat than dry crumbles. Fermented chick feed is a very good food to feed all chicks, but especially sick ones since it has many more nutrients and probiotics in it.

    If you have access to a chicken supply store, or even a Walmart, look for Poultry Nutri-drench. It's a vitamin supplement just for chickens, and it gets right into the blood stream without having to go through all the organs first. It can save a chick.
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