One of my Broody's eggs broke on day 21, chicke very weak, but alive,

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    I have a partridge Cochin, Little Miss Muffet, whom has been sitting on eggs for 21 days today (3/9-09), today an egg broke when I was trying to take another hen out of her nest box. There was some blood, which made me freak out, so I decided to help the chick out. It is alive and finally, a few hours later has started to get fuzzy. Here is the question, what should I do to help it out? I did take it in and have kept it under a heat lamp (95 degrees) since I brought it in, as well as I have also been given it drops of water.Is there any thing else I can/should do, or should I simply hope for the best?

    Any help is highly appreciated....Petra aka, kyckling mamma
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    Don't give water and don't give food. It hatched too early and lost some blood. It just needs to keep warm and rest.
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    Quote:I agree - its full of yolk right now so probably not hungry or thirsty. Hatching is hard work, so it needs rest and to be kept warm. Congrats on your new babies! Is the umbilical area all healed up?
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    The umbilical area looks clean and "healed" .
    I have been given it water , in my despair I called Ideal Hatchery and they told me to give it some water...drops every so often. I will stop doing that if y'all think it is not a good thing.
    It is weak still, but has fluffed up nicely. A very large chick, with huge feet, and I am comparing them with chicks I got from Ideal on Tuesday (hatched monday morning), the feet are definitely larger, and body too, maybe a little more skinny.
    Some of the yolk was not absorbed, hopefully some of it was absrobed into the chick before the egg broke.
    Mom of the egg is a barred rock/EE and dad is a large Blue Cochin.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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