One of my Chickens Breeders Just Found Out Her Flock Is Infected with Mycoplasmas!!

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    We bought a young hen/roo (not sure which) in April as a three month old. He stunted, literally only growing about 4 inches and is not growing anymore. He is a Purebred Orpington, but isn't much bigger than a bantam in size. He has been sneezing a little bit lately.

    His breeder sent off a few of her dead birds she thought were doing something out of the ordinary and got the horrible news that they were infected with Mycoplasma. She has a huge flock of many different purebreds and has to terminate them all. I know she is heartbroken because she just lost her entire Lavendar Orpington flock a month ago, and now this.

    She says that anyone who bought from her prior to this shouldn't be worried, but I don't know much about it. I know our only two laying hens have started laying crazily, randomly throughout the week. One is a sex-link hen of 1 1/2 years and the other is a pure Orpington of 2 years. For the past 4 weeks neither has layed normally. We haven't had a change in feed at all, and they are in the shade all day and free range. The only change is we added a new mom hen and 5 babies to our flock, but that hasn't noticeably bothered them.

    The only symptoms I can find are sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and dirty nostrils, as well as decreased egg production. The chick we bought from her has been sneezing these past 3 weeks, but its been once a week, not daily or constantly. No one is showing any other symptoms other than what I have stated and everyone is healthy red in the face except the chick we bought from her.

    Could we possibly be infected?
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    Heat in the summer can slow down laying, as well as molt that can happen around 18 months and yearly thereafter. If you are very concerned about the one chicken that you bought from the breeder carrying MG, then you should get the chicken tested by your local vet or NPIP tester, or sacrifice it , and get the state vet to do a necropsy. Here are some links to finding testing or the state vet:
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    If you got birds from a breeder who had a confirmed MG infected flock, odds are your flock will be infected as well. The symptoms you've described are symptoms of MG. She is culling her flock, you should do the same. Then disinfect everything, wait a month before repopulating.
  4. Is MG one of the things NPIP testing finds?

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