One of my hens died today

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    One of my EE that i got in September died today. She was acting fine up to this morning when we found her all puffed up laying in the pen.i took her to my vet and xrays showed her gizzard was overstuffed with oyster shell pieces or pebbles .. The vet and i couldn't understand why her gizzard was sooo stuffed.. Her crop was full. So he sent me home with Reglan to try to help move the pebbles and an antibiotic in case there was an infection. I gave her her liquid meds and she seemed ok- lethargic like she was all morning. A few hours later after a friend left who stopped over ,Chipmunk had died:(
    The vet said that it was possible she might not make it..
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    Sounds like it was impacted crop or gizzard or both. Sorry! [​IMG]
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    I think we can all see or feel an impacted crop and treat it. But when it's the gizzard, there's no way to reach it. I'm sure it's pretty common, but there's no way to know. Sorry.

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