One of my hens has Infectious Brochitis or Laryngotracheitis?Which one


9 Years
Feb 17, 2010
East Hartland, CT
I just walked out to my barn to find a weird noise coming from the inside. it alsmost sounded like a cat was crying. Well i walked over to where my bantams were to find it was coming from my white Frizzle. She was breathing very weird, almost like she was trying to whistle, ,like a peice of food was stuck in her throat. I made her drink some water but it didnt help much. i massaged her throat but couldnt really do much. When i got back inside i went to "The Chicken Health Handbook" to see what was going on. At first i thought it was Infectious Laryngotracheitis. It said all the same things that my hen was doing, but the Infectious Brochitis said the same things. Whick one do you think would be the Most common for someone in Northern Ct. And does anyone know what happens with the rest of the flock and ways i can prevent them from getting it?
Could be a Mycoplasma infection too...often one compounds the other. Best bet is to try to find a vet that will do a blood test for you...or call your local extension office and try to get in touch with the state lab to see if you can send blood samples in. All of the Chronic Respitory Disease symptoms overlap, and it's almost impossible to nail down exactly which bug a bird has without a lab test.

Lastly, almost...well off the top of my head, Infectious Bronchitis, Mycoplasma G. and Mycoplasma S., CRD, all spread rapidly as they are transmitted in the air. It's a good bet if one bird is sick, they all have it. With Mycoplasma infections, symptoms will often only show during periods of stress....i.e. extreme cold, picking flock mates, etc... The symptoms will abate when the stress is gone, and the birds will be "healthy" again. Just remember, with most of the CRD's, they will become lifetime cariers and can become symptomatic again at any time and continue to transmit the disease to any new birds.
well shes fine again, i guess she just had a piece of feed stuck in her throat, i dont know
.... it kinda of went away slowly, at nught it was everytime she breathed it sounded weird, then in the morning it was when ever the talkled, and know shes back to normal.
Yeah my bantam are usually in a small a-frame coop, but since the winters been so bad i couldnt let them out. I built them a pen in the duck area of the barn. What i thought caused the I.B. was the condition they were in, the area is dirt and when the snow melted it goes right into the barn and creates mud. Thankfully my Uncle is bringing me some barn mats that he got off of a demolition job, ill just cover the mud with them till i can get a concrete floor installed. More money going to the chickens, but every penny is worth it.
I had that happen once and it freaked me out. Called someone here on BYC that I knew would have the right answer so he could listen to her. He deduced that she either ruptured an air sac as she was straining to lay her first post-molt egg that day or she had something stuck in her windpipe. Turns out it was the latter and she was completely fine the next day. We did syringe oil down her throat in case that might help something move on down. Glad your hen is okay!

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