One of my hens thinks she's a rooster?! But also mounts roosters?!

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    I really have an oddball this time. Last year I had a hen that'd try crowing like a rooster, but you could tell it was a hen because it sounded funny and couldn't do it right, and had hen coloration feathers. And I've got a rooster that will lay on eggs. Anyway, this year I have 2 red cochins that I bought as chicks from a feedstore, straight run, one is a hen the other a rooster or so it seems anyway. The rooster definitely crows and tries mounting hens. Recently though the cochin hen started attacking hens like the rooster would, and she does the clucking thing that roosters do when they find some kind of treat to tell the hens that they found something. I never had a hen do that before. And she also started doing "that thing" where they like circle around the hen backwards with a dropped wing kinda kicking towards them which I think means the rooster claims that hen as his. So even though she looks like a hen and stuff she's really starting to not act like one aside from her not crowing. Today she jumped in a pen with my marans chicks, they're old enough for me to tell who's girl and who's boy, almost 3 months old I think. Anyway, I caught her mounting a marans rooster, and I mean MOUNTING A ROOSTER!!! [​IMG] A HEN that THINKS she's a ROOSTER and tried MOUNTING a ROOSTER!!! I mean what the heck?! She's really got her marbles scrambled or something. Has anyone else ever had such a thing? This is the goofiest bird I've had yet. I mean I've got female ducks that mount each other but that's pretty much normal for them. But a hen mounting a rooster?! [​IMG] What a little nut!
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