One of my new hens bit the fire out of me! With Pictures!!


10 Years
Apr 27, 2012
Saline County, Arkansas, US
So I picked up 2 large hens at a local swap. A buff color hen and a reddish colored hen. We were told one is an older hen and the other is a POL hen. The dark red one is the one that bit me, while my mother was holding her. The large red mark on my hand is the bite mark. My mother was holding her, because we were putting them in the chicken house at night. So they can stay with the other chickens. My rooster is not mean to them in anyway. He is a gentleman to his ladies and humans. I just don't understand. I have had an aggressive hen, but she was setting on some babies. :/

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Chickens have very few defense mechanisms - claws and beaks are about all they have. She is in a pretty stressful situation, having just been moved to a new flock, and under stress, they will sometimes lash out. I wouldn't read too much into it - once she settles in, she will probably never do it again.

Also, did you quarantine prior to adding them to your flock?
I've been pecked by new hens also and once settled in they never did it again. Also POL hens can be moody and agro but sweeten up after they start laying.

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