One of my newly hatched chicks has legs a little deformed???

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    I incubated 9 eggs for the first time,got 6 that hatched, but the very first one that pipped, did it on the wrong end, so it struggled for 2 days to hatch, i finally helped the process along today helping it free from the shell, and now that it is all dryed off, its lively, but its legs arent quiet like they should be, One foot is more closed than the other and it cant walk right. I am not quite sure what to do about this, it deserves a chance to live after the long struggle, however, i am not sure it will ever be able to scratch around and survive with the rest of the flock when it grows up. It has a healthy peep, and moves about alot, but kind walks on the hocks not the feet. What should i do with this little thing?
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    Super good information on the link above.....on orthopedics and braces for legs, etc.

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