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    got beat up by one of the other hens--- dh thinks one of the partridges. I went to check for eggs earlier today and one of my WR had blood all over her face and beak and blood was spattered on the walls of the box she was in--- it looked like she shook her head. There is one nest box that several hens tend to favor, always has the most eggs in it--- that is where she was sitting. Do hens become territorial? Do they protect their eggs? When I picked her up there were two eggs under her--- neither of them hers because when I took her out and put her in a chicken hutch she laid one of her own. I have separated her from the flock and the bites have scabbed over --- when can I put her back with the others? Should I block off the nest box that seems to be everyone's favorite? I have 24 hens and eight nest boxes--- I don't think that is the problem--- is this problematic or just regular chicken domestic disputes?
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    I find no matter how many boxes you have they all want the same one. Sometimes they will move then all of them move. I have intrudes new rocks into my flock I worry about them they get picked on a little no blood yet. They have not started laying yet so I will see.
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    I have the same thing. My birds tend to use the same boxes.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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