one of our 7week old chicks has a broken leg

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    Oct 7, 2008
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    I'm not sure what we should do , anyone had this problem. vet or treat at home? She is eatting and drinking.
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    Hi did you ever get any help on this? I had a boy break his leg at about the same age. He lived in a rubbermaid container in my living room for maybe a month. I was never able to splint it well and it healed crooked. He did loose a lot of muscle mass by not moving around for so long but once I finally got him back outside he was able to move and walk around with a gimp because it healed crooked. If I were faced with the situation again I would just try and get a better splint on him but I'd do exactly the same.

    As long as she is still thriving and eating well I say go for it at home if you're comfortable with it. Scrambled or hardboiled egg along with regular feed and water and you should be okay. Good luck!

    Edited for clarification: My boy broke his at the hock thats why it healed crooked. Anywhere else on the leg I'd make sure its splinted really well. Bandage material and a popsicle stick work well.
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