One of our goslings got hen pecked! How to treat the wound?

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  1. paxicotrader

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    Apr 16, 2009
    We have a brooder box with a few ducklings and goslings in it. The brooder box also happens to be in our chicken coop where we keep our 25 chickens.

    I came in this morning and a hen had flown into the brooder box. One of the goslings looked like it had been pecked quite a bit on the back of its head. The area looked a little "wet" and matted with some missing fuzz/feathers. It was not red or bleeding, though.

    I've not observed the goslings and ducks pecking each other at all, so I'm pretty sure it was the hen.

    Can I wash the area with peroxide? And then what do I put on it (if anything)? All I have on hand at home is anti-bacterial wound ointment (generic Neosporin).

  2. CoopCrazy

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    Mar 3, 2009
    As long as there are no Pain Killers in the Neo.. It should work great... I would'nt worry about them pecking again if it's not red... Cn you cover your brooder to keep the big girls out... I would hate to see them get all riled up and somebody get bad hurt... With my girls one gets excited hey all get excited... MOB mentality

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