one of our wild eastern eggs is piping pics added


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
we have 11 eggs from a nest that was being destroyed by a land claring company that are putting in homes next to our friend.we have i piped an a few others rocking lets hope some hatch.i already have a place set up that will be taking the babies once they hatch an raise them.they raise an rehab wild animals they were pretty excited that we might be hatching some wild eastern.they said they dont get to many turkey most never make.
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i have made a pretty cool discovery we have 3 piped right now but unlike dom turkeys an chickens who are peping an making tons of noise these wild birds a dead quite when they hatch.pretty cool how that works in the wild you make noise you die.
my wild easterns were given to me not quite 2 weeks ago, guy accidentally killed the hen when she was sitting while he was mowing hay. Mine are destined (supposedly) to go to Fish and Game / wildlife rehabilitators once they hatch, but I am kinda thinking they are going to ask me to raise them since I am all but certified to be a state rehabilitator. Anyway, my first started pipping this afternoon right before i have 7/9 viable eggs pipped and a few are literally rocking - lol its really cool. These are the first turkeys I have ever hatched
Don't wan to hijack this thread, but I wanted to comment. I rescued a kitten that was abandoned by a feral cat a few weeks back and noticed the same thing. If you put this kitten in a box or carrier it would just lay there looking without a sound. I guess the quiet ones survive while the loud ones get eaten.
first one just hatched all 11 are piped an starting to zip

Wow! Thanks for sharing this rescue story. I just bought my first two turkey poults at a swap meet here in Ohio. I picked a Royal Palm and a Blue Slate. I'm raising them with a few chicks and they are so interesting. (My first turkeys ever...)

We do have wild turkeys in our area, and years ago I saw several turkey hens all together with about 15 poults! It was like a herd of turkeys! For years now, though, I only see a few here and there....

Good luck with the hatch, and please keep updating with pics!

I live off a protected spot of land (no hunting/private reserve ) though some don't listen - and then pastures across from me - I see every year about this time out here groups of turkeys with young, last year about 3 hens and 20+ poults showed up in the small field that my family owns 1/2 of and the other half belongs to the power company (which is part of the private no hunting land) and they were coming up to check out my chickens - I guess they seen them having a fuss over food. at the time I only had 8 silkies and they were free ranging, those silkies FREAKED at these turkeys popping up out of the weeds and hording on their fresh kitchen scraps - watermelon especially. It was awesome to see various sized poults, and 3 wild hens on the edge of my yard for 10 minutes filling their guts.

now I expecting 2-3 more of mine to hatch within the hour, all 8 of the unhatched but viable (out of 10) are zipping and working on trying to escape
my #1 is laid out resting and drying off. I will try to take pics, but only camera I have right now is a crappy phone cam. so I will see how it cooperates!
we have 9 hatched now with 2 eggs left.once they all hatch i will move to the brooder were they will dry out much faster.then lots of pics

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