One of the Buffs laid yesterday!!! Egg scream!


9 Years
Jul 18, 2010
Marshfield, Ma.
I was at a function yesterday when my daughter sends me a text pic of one of the Buffs in the box laying her first egg. Yeah!
The reports I got she didnt do the egg song but more like a scream. My DW was in the house and said even she heard it because it was so loud. Guess they cant comprehend what the heck is happening. Kind of knew she was getting ready,bright red comb and all but was thinking in a couple of weeks though. I was thinking that my Cinnamons would have been first but proven wrong. I know one them is on the verge. As true to new layers it wasnt big,it was a small medium or a large small. Not sell quality but will work fine for breakfast. The waiting is over from the new batch.
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