One of the chicks is seizing, has a twisted neck... sound familiar to anyone?

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    It was fine for the first week or so,(the one on the right) [​IMG]

    and suddenly it looked weird. I segregated it but it didn't get worse, OR better. It seems to seize if it gets excited and it's neck is twisted around funny. Yet still eats and drinks just fine. I was going to cull it yesterday but read that it *could* be a vitamin deficiency? Or do y'all think it is more likely an injury? It was fine one night and the next morning it was all twisted. Giving it some vits and two more days. Am I just prolonging the inevitable?
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    Sounds like wry neck. I'd keep treating it for a couple weeks. If the situation hasn't resolved to your satisfaction within the month then I might consider culling at that point. Wry neck is not something that is cured overnight. It can take weeks to see some improvements.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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    After a multi pronged approach, it seems there is an inner ear infection going on. Vitamins helped, but not that much. A probable OD on Erythromyicin seems to be having more of an effect. The chick is regaining motor control amazingly well. Still obviously unbalanced, but no longer unable to lift its head and is having an easier time eating and drinking. We will see.
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    Video of the first day of treatment. [VIDEO][/VIDEO]
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    Video of this morning. [VIDEO][/VIDEO]

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