One of the "Girls" crowed this a.m.


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May 3, 2010
I was awake but only just when I heard a noise from the backyard - I took me a minute to realized & I ran to the window in time to hear it again Someone learning to crow! So much for buying all pullets! I just hope its only one, but there a couple that are much bigger than the rest. I'd keep one, but if there are more I'll have to find homes for them if possible.

I tried to buy some colored bands at Blue Seal to mark my chicken so I can tell them apart. They only have packages of 50 - all in the same color. How to other people "tag" their chickens for I.D. I really need to tag the rooster (s) as I discover which ones they are.



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Aug 28, 2008
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Walmart has some colored hair bands that will work, about $1.99 for a hundred. They are temporary though. I got my more permanent plastic bands for $10.00/25 all the same color at a local feed store. You can order online but they are about the same price. Guess you could clip it's wings or paint his head? I'd paint his toenails red maybe until you can order some cheaper. Try but there are many out there selling them. Don't buy from ebay those "chick bands" I swear they are someones rubber bands from their braces, so way over priced even if you pay only shipping. Good luck, HenZ

ETA: Welcome to BYC Herself!!! You will love this forum.
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