One of those days..........AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! (rambling)

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    My day actually started on Wednesday as I haven't been to sleep yet. I think it's a chemo thing. Haven't been able to sleep since starting it last July. So 9am I crawl out of the recliner where I've been staring at the TV since 2 and let the dog out.

    The girls are out in their "moat" yelling at the cardinals who are eating at the bird feeders. I think they are mad because they can't get to the feeders themselves. Hmmmmmm. I think to myself, "Self, how the heck did Hoodini get on top of the compost bin?" [​IMG] (Hoodini is my escape artist RIR) "You TWIT!! [​IMG] You didn't close the fence tight enough!!!" [​IMG]

    Oh the horror of it all!! they have eaten my entire garden!!! ALL OF IT!!! [​IMG] I even had some peppers, tomatoes, and squash that had set little bitties. They ate those too!!!! All of my green beans and zuke vines have been pulled down and devoured!!

    It's been so nice that I got a great jump on my garden this year. Now I have to start all over again!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ok we recover from that incident. Later in the day the hubby goes to collect eggs. Next thing I hear is him screaming like a girl!!!!! All 6ft 4 280lbs of him is peering into the coop, running in circles, and screaming like a tween-ager who just got her first kiss, 'sept, he wasn't screaming with joy. Pure fright.

    I come out of the run where I am attempting to fix the "moat" so I can replant the garden. I know exactly what is going on. SNAKE.

    I tell him to go get me the hoe, shovel and pooper scooper (yeah the pooper scooper, it's easier to grab the snake with that and not let it get away. Seriously!) Hoe to whack it's head off in case it's poisonous and shovel to bury it.

    "Mr. Helpful" is still running around in circles. "Is it poisonous?" "How are we going to get it out of there?"

    After the fun (?) I had with him trying to get the last snake, I tell him to go across the yard and leave me be so I can take care of it. (Remember now this is a big bad former Marine!!)

    I grab what I can see of the snake with the pooper scooper and pull it out of the nestbox. It's a 5ft black racer. Harmless. (except to the egg yolk that is dribbling out of it's mouth) I tell "Mr. Helpful" to get me a lid for 5 gal. bucket that I have. Dancing around on "tippy-toes" he finally get me the lid as the snake is getting more and more ticked off.

    After 2 attempts I finally got him into the bucket and the lid on. I took him down over the hill and let him loose by the creek.

    There was somethingelse that happened by my sleep deprived brain can't remember what that is right now. It's just been one of those days!!

    ETA! I remember what it is now. I have a hen who I guess is no longer a hen and has started to crow and do the nasty with the others!! I know this is a hen. She's been a hen for 2 years. Has laid big pretty double yolkers. She started jumping on some of the smaller hens about a month ago. I though it was a pecking order thingie. She's always been boss even when I had my roo Fudge. He didn't mess with her. Today, while fixing the "moat" I heard crowing. There are no other chickens around here so I wasn't hearing something from a distance. Later she was standing right in front of me when she did it again. Either I or Broomhilda are loosing our minds!!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Somehow, this is just the best ending to that post!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] You totally just made my night. Now I can go to bed laughing my butt off [​IMG]
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    Since you are on chemo, I have to ask.

    Are you the one who caught the snake and identified the bisexual chicken? Or are you the one who watched all this happen? Is what we really are what acts, or what watches?
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    hee hee hee hee heee hee hee
  8. CoyoteMagic

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    Quote:Oh yeah, I'm the one that caught the snake and took it over to the creek to release it. "Mr. Twinkle -Toes" couldn't do it. He would have wet his drawers if I had asked him to do that.

    Broomhilda is out crowing in the run.

    To make things even worse, today, the neighbors Pit is out there trying to eat the chickens and Bobwhite. I called animal control 3 times. I also called the police 911, plus the non-emergency number and the school board because the buses were goiong to be rolling into the neighborhood soon and I didn't want the dog to hurt the kids. None of them could help me. "Call Animal Control".

    Animal control FINALLY got here as the first bus pulled in. He was kind of nervous because I was standing out there with a baseball bat so I could walk the nearby kids home with out us betting eaten. Of course when he gets here, the dog is back in it's yard so he can't take it away. He leaves and the thing gets out of it's pen again. He still hasn't been back (I called again) This time I took pictures.

    I need a nap!!!
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    Wow ok I hope you're doing ok after all the excitement, you need to rest maybe? And I had a roo named Captian Fudge when I was little so i LOVE your roo's name!
  10. CoyoteMagic

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    Quote:The roo that I had was named Fudge, aka Fudge Swirl because as a chick he was marked like Fudge Swirl Ice cream, lol. He was a red sexlink. He went to another home after he went after my 16year old cat.

    My current roo/hen, err, roohen? Is Broomhilda her/his name. I may have to change it to Bruce!!

    Thank you but I am tired of resting!!!! I spent last summer on some uuuuugly chemo. This stuff I have now isn't bad at all. Just tired. BUT mostly tired of sitting around doing nothing.
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