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    Jul 1, 2011
    This is my first experience with raising chickens; my first set of four Rhode Island chicks are now three months old, the next eight are two weeks younger (Americaunas), then I have beautiful Olives/Marans that are in brooders and depending on weather conditions in their playyard, complete with toys.

    The day end routine once the sun starts to set is to lock the coop doors. I have to be sneaky sometimes because if they even suspect I'm coming outside, they rush down the ramp and outside hoping for one last treat, then chicken ADHD is perfected by a flock of happily entertained chickens until they realize the sun is sinking, they're tired and want to go to bed.

    So, I quietly opened the back door and waited a minute to see if there was movement from their neck of the woods. I saw a pair of chicken feet start down the ramp, then go back up. A little chicken noise, then one pair come back down again. The Rhode Island stood at the bottom of the ramp, cocking head this way and that, then ran a quarter around the coop (the bottom floor is walled in all wardwired cloth and each outside corner has solar lighting so I could see clearly). The chicken would pause, look, listen. Ran around it a second time, and stopped to fly up on the back of the stool that I used earlier to stand on and clean out the whole top floor that day. From this vantage point the chicken scanned the whole area of the second floor door (this section of the second floor is A framed, and this half is sectioned in half, both lift up for access in cleaning and egg gathering). I'd swear that this chicken was very carefully checking it out for safety. Once satisfied, jumped down, did one more run around the coop and went up the ramp, and inside. If it turns out to be a rooster, my friend is going to be getting one very good protector (I can't keep roosters). I'm guessing they heard a noise, and not seeing me, thought it was a preditor.

    Now, do hens do this once there is an established leader? All four Rhrodes love to be picked up, are very friendly. Isn't this against the roosters general genetic make up? Plus none of the hens are paying it attention any different than the rest, nor is this Rhode acting any differently at all. I'm hoping it isn't because hormones haven't hit yet.

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