One Proud Mom! First ever Chicken Show

K&H Chicken Farm

11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Redding CA
We went to our vary first chicken show yesterday. (first even seeing one!) I was so proud of my kids! We had only 1 practice for showmanship and with my broken arm we where not really able to groom the birds. (LOL) As we scooped them out of the cages that morning I told the kids that we most likely where not going to win anything. We where looking at this show as a learning experience.

Well we get there and I had been so worried because we did not have show whites yet, that the kids would stick out like a sore thumb. There wear kids in whites , but also kids in just street clothes. My kids in there new white long shelve shirts, new jeans, fresh polished boots and my handsome son in a black tie looked great!

In showman ship my DD won a Primary Ribbon (huge purple one) my DS went 2nd place in novice! He got a nice ribbon and a small trophy.

The birds did great to. All three of DD Dutch Bantams got a blue ribbons, with the roo winning Resv. Class and Resv. Breed. My sons Sumatra hen, the only bird he took, got Best of Class, Best of Breed, Champion Large Fowl and Resv. Champion of Show. So she got a couple big ribbons, a huge trophy and the Resv Chapion Show Box with engraved lid. We where so tickled! The kids are REALLY into helping build coops and take care of the birds now and can not wait to see how they do in the next show. Of course I warned them that there is no guarantee that they will ever do this good again, but who knows.

Absolutely wonderful. I'm so proud of them. I bet you are about to explode with pride. That is the best thing to teach your kiddos. I can't wait to have mine old enough to be able to do the 4-H thing. Congrats to you and yours.

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