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One roo, one pullet, one....??

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Nyrial, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Nyrial

    Nyrial Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 4, 2009
    Lake Stevens, WA
    Black Japanese bantams, late September hatch (yes, all from the same hatch) We know what the first two are, but the third is an in betweenie.. Smaller comb and wattles than the roo (DH is super bummed at the white in his feathers), but larger than the pullet... but not as red as the roo.

    Can anyone offer some more insight?

    So Roo...


    In betweenie
  2. BellLisamo

    BellLisamo Diagnosed w/ Muscovitis

    Feb 7, 2009
    Tombstone, AZ
    pullet [​IMG]
  3. Kenyon's Poultry

    Kenyon's Poultry Out Of The Brooder

    Jan 6, 2010
    Steuben County
    those are some really healthy looken chickens!!! Good JOB!!! [​IMG]
  4. SunshineSteedFarm

    SunshineSteedFarm Seramatching Equestrian

    Aug 18, 2009
    I believe that it is a gorgeous little pullet [​IMG]
  5. M To The Maxx

    M To The Maxx Baseball+Girls=Life

    Jul 24, 2009
    1 roo and 2 pullets.
  6. M To The Maxx

    M To The Maxx Baseball+Girls=Life

    Jul 24, 2009
    Sorry my computer posted it twice.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2010
  7. Mahonri

    Mahonri Urban Desert Chicken Enthusiast Premium Member

    May 14, 2008
    North Phoenix
    My Coop
    Yup nice trio.

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