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Kuntry Klucker

12 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Tennesee Smoky Mts.
We have a strange situation at our chicken coops. Currently we have one rooster and two chicken coops under construction.
we are new at the chicken hobby, our neighbor knew that we were going to do chickens and offered us
a young rooster. we took him, he is young does not have his tail feather yet or his spirs(sp). we plan on
having our coops ready to get hens soon, maybe in the next few weeks. Right now he is
just roaming the backyard and crowing. my question bad of a situation is this for a rooster,
would this situation make him more aggressive or less?? don't know much about roosters need advice.


Easter Hatch!!
10 Years
Jul 17, 2009
The agression is really based on the individual, breed temperment, and how much he is handled. If he has his own set of girls (you said you'll have 2 coops) and you let him know who's boss (via snuggles or whatever) he should be fine.

Most roos like 10-12 girls each.


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May 23, 2009
With some of the bantam breeds, it's fine to set up breeding pairs of one rooster with one or two hens. They don't tend to "overmate" like the big boys can.


10 Years
Sep 8, 2009
So I think you are saying you don't have any girls yet?
He will be fine without any hens as far as I know, but I would think you should wait until the girls you do get are old enough to lay before putting them all together.
I have a normal sized rooster, and at the moment only three of my hens are with him. He's been a real gentleman, and I love him to death. I wish I could remember who on this board has ideas of how to keep roosters from becoming aggressive. It's a really good list, and I use a lot of her ideas to "speak chicken" with him and keep him docile by keeping him "in his place" as a secondary rooster in my flock. (even though he's the only one, I'm the "top" rooster.) I don't think it's the situation that will make your rooster aggressive, to answer your question. It's a lot to do with genetics and natural temperament. Keep feeding him, and treating him with respect, and I think you'll be fine. I'm off to see if I can find that information about roosters here for you.

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