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    I've been raising chickens for about 3 years now and sometimes foster sick chicks giving them the individual care and attention that they need... or at least i try to. i picked up a chick today that seemed to be suffering from an extreme case of pasty butt. It is two days old, its vent was completely clogged. she is lethargic and wont open her eyes much. as far as I know she was completely normal yesterday. she is very vocal still. once I got her home I cleaned her up, but she still hasn't pooped yet, though it seems like she's trying. she keeps on opening her mouthbut she is not saying anything. on top of that her vent still isn't looking normal, its like its half closed and she has what looks like bad bruises on her lower abdomen. she will drink a bit when i put her beak in it but she hasn't eaten yet. any recomendations? should i try to help her vent open completely? if yes how?
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    have you tried warm water and epsom salts soak? I think you can use that on chicks, I did that for my hens when they had some caked on poo..
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    Hi @kdavis220 Welcome To BYC:frow

    Can you post some photos of the chick, the vent and the abdomen?
    I would start by trying to get a few drops of water into her. If you have poultry nutri-drench give her 2 drops direct dose. If you can get 1-2 drops of coconut oil into her that would be good too.

    Bruising on the lower abdomen sounds like infection. Possibly Yolk Sac Infection (Omphalitis)

    Since she is lethargic, she may go into shock if you soak her, so I would apply some warm compresses to the bum, you can apply some coconut oil to the vent, maybe work some in with a qtip, but you will have to use your judgement on that.
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