One Sick Girl :(


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9 Years
Jun 14, 2010
Williamsburg, VA
Hi there. We've got four hybrid layers, one of which seems to be ill. The other three are leaving her alone and are not exhibiting any of the symptoms she is. Yesterday, she was normal, fine. We've had the same girls for 1.5 years and have never had any health issues so this is kinda freaking us out. We're not sure what to do and I'm afraid I'm going to find a dead hen tomorrow morning. :( She can't really walk. It's like she's drunk when she tries too, and it's on her left side. We do not see any issues with her feet, though her bum area is messy (not unusual for her though). When my husband went out to feed them tonight, the hens came running except for her, which is when he realized something was wrong. Her comb is just pitiful; it's white and shriveled. When my husband and I went back out there so I could see for myself and she was drinking water, which is good. My husband put her in front of the food and she ate. She was not able to get into the coop however, so he had to place her in there. We've never had any issues with parasites, that we know of. My husband also said when he picked her up on the right side, she squawked. He said she felt bony. The coop is lined with straw; they eat pellet food and have fresh drinking water every day. Thank you so much for any advice.

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