One to three day old Chicks - West TN, North MS

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    Sep 4, 2008
    I'm looking for two or three baby chicks -- no more than three days old when I get them -- to be born about 10 days to 2 weeks from now.

    Here's the problem: I have two Ameraucana broodies who are laying around all day on their nests. One of them has been laying around for five weeks already, the other about a week. I have fertile eggs and have given them both eggs, but even though both girls are broody, they are both guilty of leaving an egg or two out in the cold in the nest. Then they take the egg back in later.

    They don't have too many eggs -- I only gave them four eggs each.

    But with the broody that has been lying around for five weeks -- she's on her second batch of eggs, because none of her original four hatched.

    And I saw this morning that the second broody is also doing this.

    I figure that they inadvertently leave one egg at a time out from under them, and it was enough in the first clutch to kill all four of them before hatching.

    So, anyway, I'm trying to prepare for the possibility that neither one of them will hatch a live chick.

    Both of their clutches are due in the 10 day to 2 week from now range of time.

    If neither one hatches a successful chick, I'd like to buy a few babies from somebody in west Tennessee or north Mississippi. I don't care what breed they are -- only what their age is. I need to get them when they are no more than about three days old, so I can fool my broodies into thinking that they hatched them.

    If you have babies that will hatch in a couple of weeks in this area, please contact me via PM.

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